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Visiting the iconic Nelson Mandela Square in Johannesburg, South Afrika
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Hi, I’m Samona! I was born and raised in the United States in Florida a.k.a the sunshine state. I’m a passionate, motivated, good-energy, spiritual woman. I love all things travel, culture, history, and meeting new people from all over the globe. My philosophy on life is to live not just exist, which means finding your purpose and doing the things you love because as we all know, life is short.

I’m the creator/ owner of Royal Melanin Prints, a teacher and author of Judah Learns the Bible, which has a powerful message of truth and encouragement for melanated people everywhere. It’s a quick read for the entire family and an eye-opener, so please click the link below if you would like to support blessings! 

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Royal Melanin Prints

Royal Melanin Prints is an ethnic brand that was created out of love for Afrika and the Afrikan diaspora. The mission of R.M.P is to encourage and inspire because a significant amount of the diaspora has never been to Afrika, and I want everyone to feel the peace and joy I felt there while visiting in 2021. R.M.P is deeper than clothing it's what's in your DNA by remembering the royals we once were and still are today. Royal Melanin Prints aims to bridge the gap and connect you with the Afrikan culture one print at a time, thus giving you inspiration and motivation for you too to go on your trip of discovery!